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How to improve your child's brain power

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Start the day off with a healthy breakfast

Research show how important breakfast is in helping your child’s mental performance throughout the morning. Who ate breakfast not only was more alert than their counterparts who skipped breakfast, but also have better visual-spatial memory. You are ensuring that your child has the right biological constitution for academic success by making sure that your child eats a hearty and healthy breakfast.


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Play games that involve hands

Babies respond well to learning simple sequential games. Play more games and make drawing. Try to learn more of the kind and get involved with your child for effective development of brain power. Colour and finger paint this activity feeds creativity and is great for hand-eye-coordination.


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Read with your child

Select books with large and colorful pictures to attract your child’s attention. Share your baby’s delight in pointing to these pictures and making noises, like animal sounds from pictures. Plus, reading helps your child unwind after a full day of school, play, and activities. Encourage toddlers to talk about books.


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Physical Activity

Staying physically active (including playing sports) boosts blood flow to the brain. Supplying the brain with freshly oxygenated blood enhances clarity, concentration, thinking speed, focus, creativity, mental and emotional energy, and problem-solving skills. Physical activity is the most important for children because that is boosting the brain activity.


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Use body massage

Body massage helps to decrease your child's stress. Enhance their feelings of well-being and emotional security. Massaging your child can decrease his/her stress Loving touches promote growth in young babies not only physical but mental as well. Research has shown that premature babies who are massaged three times daily are prepared to leave the hospital days earlier than babies who do not receive massages.


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Focus on One Task at a Time

The research showed that it is more efficient for young children to focus on a single task rather than doing multiple ones while their brains are still being developed. So be sure to enforce a “No TV while doing homework” rule and to encourage your child to focus his or her attention on a specific task before moving to another.


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Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep deficiency could play a major role in decreased academic performance, difficulties in retaining focus, and lower test scores according to studies from researchers. “Studies have shown that children who don’t get sufficient sleep are more likely to do poorly in school and be identified as having learning difficulties and/or attention problems,” You are helping ensure that your child’s cognitive functioning and problem-solving abilities are ready to solve each and every new problem he or she will encounter.


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Use Positive Discipline

Try to create clear consequences without frightening or causing shame to your child. If your child behaves inappropriately, like hitting others, it is suggested to use a serious, low tone of voice while getting down to his eye level and restate the rule very clearly. Try to keep the rules simple, consistent and reasonable for your child’s age.


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