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How to improve Child’s Homework and Study Skills

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Plan a regular homework time and get organized

Remind kids when it’s time to do homework and help them get started. Plan a suitable time to homework. Homework, tests and extracurricular activities, it’s all too easy for things to slip through the cracks.  A homework plan can help your child keep everything organized. Homework timers are a great way to help keep an easily distracted child on track. A timer can also give your kid a better sense of time.


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Develop a Study Plan

Students need to know when a test will take place, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered. Your child should create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare. Use a large wall calendar to write down due dates and tests. Setting goals for each session is also key to success.


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Create Good Study Conditions

Make sure your child has a nice, quiet place to study. Discourage him from playing mobile or other things at the desk. Select some good, bright lighting for the study space. And above all, get your Childs to put this provided space to use regularly, rather than going somewhere where distractions are too frequent to really focus on much of anything.


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Just as adults are advised to take breaks during a work day to improve focus and concentration, children should also take study breaks from their homework to stop brain fatigue. Sometimes we may take 10-15 minutes breaks for homework time. Break gives him time to regroup and then he is able to concentrate on homework.


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Study Groups

Some people study best when they are alone. But other people thrive in social atmospheres. Encourage your child to meet with a group of four or five people to compare notes, review course materials and quiz each other. But, too much group studying often just turns into socializing and if that's all your kid is doing, he or she isn't doing enough, Make sure your younger students get their own study time and learn the discipline of approaching tough problems by themselves.


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Asking for Help

Talk about it with your child's teacher. Some kids have trouble seeing the board and may need glasses; others might need an evaluation for a learning problem or attention disorder. If your child is struggling with a question or subject, encourage them to ask you questions. And if your child doesn't respond well to you explaining concepts, consider a tutor if feasible.


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