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How to Improve Child’s Handwriting


Identify the Problem

One needs to find out what the basic problem is with the child. It is either a cognitive issue or a physical problem. While writing, one should only move the wrist and elbow, and the shoulder should remain constant.


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Make sure the child is grasping the pen or pencil correctly

The most important thing to make the understandable is that the writing tool should be held correctly. Here are some tips to get a good grasp:

  • Teach your child to hold the pencil firmly.
  • The pencil should be held in place with the thumb, index and middle fingers. As the child enters the pre-school, he should already know how to hold the pencil accurately.
  • The pencil should be held in such a way that the pencil rests on the bridge between the thumb and index finger.
  • The grip should be gentle, not tight.
  • Try using pencil grips, available in most stationary shops, to improve the grip.
  • Hold the pencil in the bottom ⅓ for the best results.


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Practice Writing Letters and Write with the right speed

For improve child’s Handwriting skills it is highly recommended to allow them to practice writing letters. Getting the right pace is also very important. Some kids take a long time to finish their writing. Teach your child the importance of setting a timeline and pacing their writing accordingly. Understanding your child’s current speed is very important before you both start this handwriting improvement. If you child who prefers to write slowly, then he will soon lose interest in writing.


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Provide a Comfortable Environment

The sitting environment while writing should be proper. The atmosphere should be comfortable, with a table of proper height and a back-supporting chair. The child should not write while lying, in front of TV or in the bed.


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Increase the reading time

That is true, reading more can improve writing. The more they see neatly printed, well-organized letters, the more chance of the letters getting printed in their minds and the more chances of them imitating that neatness when they write.


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