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How to improve child's general knowledge

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Encourage Reading beyond curriculum

Reading is a great activity, not only to improve language and comprehension, but also general knowledge. One misconception that many parents have is that their child needs to read only encyclopedias to improve G.K. Reading a variety of fictional books also help introduce new concepts, ideas and words that improve general knowledge But what if your child is not a book worm? You can still make him join a library or you read books with your child where he gets to learn and discuss a variety of books with other kids. He may not necessarily read all the books, but knowing about different characters and story themes is sure to invoke his interest in the world of learning.


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Play Interactive Educational Games

When play and education is mixed together, children willingly engage in the process. While studying may seem like a forced burden, Children may not like studying all day, but if a little bit of study is packed during their play time, isn’t that better? Play board games and group games on themes around geography, English and Maths to make learning interesting for kids.


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Dining Table Debates

Encourage discussions at home. On dining table, during meals or tea-time. Many kids with excellent general knowledge have parents who themselves take a lot of interest in world events and involve themselves in detailed discussions over a variety of topics.  Talk about the important events happening around, encourage your child to be a part of the discussions in their own capacities and clear their doubts and answer their questions. A family where ideas are exchanged freely is a great opportunity for kids with open minds.


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Reading the newspaper everyday

This is the best way of improving one’s general knowledge. Inculcate this good habit early on by subscribing to child news magazines and activity books that provide small reading bytes for children.  Be it adults or kids, anyone who develops a habit of reading the newspaper every day. A daily habit of solving a crossword puzzle or similar activities based on general knowledge theme can help introduce information to kids in an engaging way. If this habit is inculcated early in, the child will reap its benefits all along his life.


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Quality Information

Television can be a great medium to impart general knowledge to your kids in an entertaining manner. The kids in the today's age are going to consume a lot of media on the internet. Keep a watch on what the child watches. A habit of watching channels like Discovery, National Geographic etc. as well educational broadcasts on Doordarshan can greatly help in expanding your child’s G.K.


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