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How to improve child's brain power

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Start the day off with a healthy food

Breakfast is an important meal in whole day for developing a sharp and healthy mind. After an overnight fasting, breakfast provides immediate fuel and nutrients which give energy to your brain. The effect of skipping breakfast is seen on cognitive function such as lack in academic performance, school attendance and mood in children, primarily in schools. So please eat healthy food in your breakfast such as fruits, juices, oats, milk etc. because it full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium. Please eat green leafy vegetables in your lunch it’sprovide you the strength to your body and also make your brain active.


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Keep your brain active by Physical Activity

This is the best way to maintain your child brain more active. Staying physically active including playing sports, exercise boosts blood flow to the brain. Supplying the brain with freshly oxygenated blood enhances clarity, concentration, thinking speed, focus, creativity and problem-solving skills in everyone and. If you are doing daily light activities such as small race, walking, dance also help to reduce body pain, weakness and keeps you healthy and fit. So please do these exercises in your daily life because if your body becomes healthy then your mind will also work in a brilliant way.


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Think Positive by Using Positive Discipline

If your child acts or behave in an inappropriate manner such as fight with someone, hitting someone or use any abusive language then instead of using hard words please try to use low, serious tone of voice. Keep your rules and statements clear and simple, so your child brain understands difference between wrong and right things.\because your positive discipline create a positive impact on thought process of your child and they are take any decisions according to that.


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Focus on one task at a time

When you are studying don’t use anything which diverts your mind from study. If you are doing multiple things with study then it’s definitely distract you. Please avoid using any electronic device such as TV, Tabletand Mobile phone when you are studying because it’s distract you from your main work.When you are focusing on one work at a time it not only increase your brain level but also enhance your performance.


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Enhance their brain power by Reading

Reading always creates a great impact on your child brain. It just not only improves child brain power even the relation between you and your kids will also get strong. Books with large and colorful pictures create a major impact on your child’s brain process information they are directly link these colors and those characters, so please use these points and make your conversation with your child more interesting. Storytelling can improve their imagination and creation power which really helps to improve their brain level. Encourage your child to talk about books such as what did they learn from this? Remember that understanding of the word is more important than speaking.


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Play games that involves body

Allow them to play those games in which they are use their brain power with coordination of hand such as Number recall, spot the difference, Cube. Playing game on electronic devices makes you lazy. Also motivate to play a game like chess, Scrabble which increase their problem solving skills, logical thinking. If you wish that your body remains active so please use these physical activities which not only increase your stamena but also increase your brain power too.


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Sleep enhance brain efficiency

Relaxation is a key ingredient for maintaining good mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, so it’s an important skill to teach your children and try to ensure that your child take 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.Take a proper Sleep increases your brainpower just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span and allows you to be relaxed physically and mentally alert at the same time.


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