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How to Improve Child’s Behavior

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Be a role model for good behavior

If you want your child to treat others with respect, you do the same. If you want your child to be an honest person, set an example of honesty for them. You can certainly affect your child through your actions and words. Demonstrate the behavior you want your child to perform. We need to make a positive label for our children. Your child wants to be as like you so you are a role model for your child. Make a good behavior for your child. He/she learn from you.


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Sleep patterns

8-9 hours of sleep is recommended for children. Nap time is very important for children 4 years old and above. Lack of sufficient sleep disables repair of tissues thus stop healing. Imbalance of neurochemicals in the brain promotes irritability, lack of focus, aggressiveness and short attention span. Learning is difficult as the brain processes are disoriented.


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Home structure

The home is your child’s first learning environment. Organize your home to accommodate your child’s special needs. It has designated and safe areas for playing, studying, putting toys or books and placing in time-out. When your child does misbehave, it’s important that you have discipline ready to use and it’s also important that you use it in every situation.


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Story telling

Speech and language deficits are present in every disorder. In this intervention, pile up beautiful stories or purchase simple story books and read it every night before sleep. You can make your own story. Read motivational stories and tell your child good behavior.


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Proud of themselves

Remind your child that they should be proud of themselves. This helps build internal confidence in them, so they can learn to be proud of themselves for being persistent, working hard, being kind to others, etc. If they feel successful they will be successful. So start the feel them proud and watch result.


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Spend 15 minutes

Spend 15 minutes a day doing something they like to do.  Observe them, but don’t try to guide them. Just spend some time with them. By this you know your child what is doing and what he/she think. You will be developing a positive relationship with your child. You will know exactly what your child enjoys doing, so that you give those rewards for your child work and study. By this you make your and your child relationship stronger.


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